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What Is Synchronous Motor

Introduction to what is synchronous motor

A synchronous motor (electric) is the another name of alternating current motor which converts the electrical energy into some mechanical energy. In the working of the  synchronous motor the rotor is spinning with the coils and then develops the magnetic field which is used to rotates the motor. Synchronous motor’s speed is determined by  pair numbers of the magnetic poles and the number of oscillations of the electric current (a.c) which is the alternating source of electricity.

Description of Synchronous Motor

The availability of the synchronous motors are in the sub fractional and self excited sizes to very high power and operating on the direct current also. The two types of the synchronous motors, which are used generally: one is non excited synchronous motor and the other is direct current excited synchronous motor. The non excited synchronous motors are constructed on the basis of the idea of reluctance and hysteresis designs, and they starts by the are self circuits and they do not require no any excitation supply of the energy. The reluctance design motors have 30 horse power efficiency. In the synchoronous motors there is a need of low torque and we can use these in the instrumentation applications. Synchronous motors are having the toothed rotors in some designs. The main parts of the synchronous motor are:

(i) the startor is the outer part as a shell of the motor which carries the armature windings, this winding is distributed for poly phase alternating current. The armature creates the rotating magnetic field.

(ii) the rotor is the moving part of the synchronous motor. The permanent magnet is produced by the field due to the windings.

(iii) the function of the slip rings in rotor is to supply the direct current to the windings of the wires in the direct current excited type synchronous motors.

Uses of synchronous Motor

Almost the synchronous motors of low horse power are used to provide the constant speed. The synchronous motors of high horse power are used for converting the energy  alternating current in the work which is useful for the different purposes in the heavy industries and the important use is that it work on power factor having value unity, that means the power loss is negligible.

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