Tuesday, May 21

Tides and Waves Energy

Introduction to tidal renewable energy:

There are two types of energy in nature i.e. renewable and non-renewable. Non renewable sources of energy includes those sources of energy which derived from fossil-fuels. It includes, petroleum, natural gas, diesel, etc.  Renewable sources includes those sources which are gift of nature and available free of cost to us. Such as Hydro energy, solar energy, Wind energy, Thermal energy. Geo-thermal energy etc. One of them is "Tidal energy".  Tidal energy refers to the form of the energy which is derived from the motion of  tides waves. Tides are supposed to be generated in sea by the gravitational pull of the moon.  When Tides flow at certain pace, it acquires tremendous energy due to its motion i.e. kinetic energy. Mainly, it is Kinetic energy which causes it to do work.

Cause of energy in tides:

Energy in Tide is stored in the form of pressure. When water molecule is flowing,  the electrons start to move at high speed. This moving molecule of water takes to the air because of its quickly moving electrons. This moving water molecule keeps away from other water molecules. This distance gives rise to pressure. When this process of moving water occurs at large scale, enormous amount of pressure is built. When this pressure is released, energy can be generated. This energy is known as Tidal Energy

Uses and limitations of tidal energy:

Tidal energy has industrial, agricultural and house hold uses. This energy is used in industries for power generation. The transfer of energy from the tides to the object causes it to move.Tidal energy produced is used to rotate the turbine, which in turns rotates shaft of the generator.  Thus, electricity is produced. However there are certain limitations regarding the uses of Tidal energy. It can be used only under certain conditions and at certain places where there is ample scope of its availability. The geographical location of the place is a varying factor for the use of tidal energy. The locations near the sea are good sites for harnessing the tidal energy. One of the major limitation is that it is not available 24 hours a day.

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