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Define Convection, Conduction and Radiation

It is the process of moving of this energy from one place to other in different forms. Transfer of Heat is the process of releasing energy from the body in thermodynamic system. When temperature increases then energy releases from body and transfer to other system. There are 3 Types of Heat Transfer process which are conduction, convection and radiation. All methods have same thing happens for energy transfer from body but process is changes for all system. When temperature of body increases then molecules of particles will be vibrate, rotate and translate into other form. The amount of energy released from body due to temperature fluctuates in system. I like to share this Total Kinetic Energy with you all through my article.

When energy or it releases from fluid and transfer to solid then its conduction occurs. For example the contact of hand with container of hot water then energy transfer from container to body and this is called conduction. In conduction direct contact of energy from body. The temperature of both bodies is different and when they both are comes in contact of each other then at the time of contact they come in thermal equilibrium condition. In convection the energy releases from fluid only due to indirect contact of transfer of this energy. For example the water in vessel boiled at high temperature then its energy comes from fluid on the form of it and this indirect process is called convection.Please express your views of this topic First Law of Thermodynamics Example by commenting on blog.

When a water is placed on stove or burner then flames is direct comes from burner and this is called radiation. Heat Transfer Coefficient of Air is defines as boundary of both states gas and liquid has convection process. Water or air has direct contact of energy with boundary of other phases and it is called conduction process. Similarly, Heat Transfer Coefficient of Water is defines as when fluid is boil on burner then energy is released form liquid at high temperature or energy is transferred from one fluid to other liquid.

The Methods of Heat Transfer of convection has two processes that’s are forced or assisted convection and free or natural convection. Forced or Assisted convection has ht transfer by external forces occur on a body. For example fan, pump used for external forces for transfer of it. Natural or free convection has ht transfer process by using buoyancy forces on a body. It is natural process for transfer energy between fluid and surface. The density of fluid is greater than density of fluid near surface.

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