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Moon Distance From Earth

Introduction to moon distance from earth:

To begin with moon's distance from earth, let us know that Moon is a natural satellite of our earth. In our solar system, there are nine planets and out of which seven planets have their moons. Moons are also the part of the solar system. Actually, the name moon means the artificial satellite. That is the name of the family not the name of a particular natural satellite. Because earth has only one natural satellite, so that we can say it moon, but the planets has so many artificial natural satellites so there is the particulars name given to all the moons. Here we discuss about the distance of the moon from our earth.

Moon's distance from earth:

A solid heavenly body that revolves around a planet is called its natural satellite or the moon. Moon is the natural satellite of the earth, which revolves around the earth. Natural satellites, i.e., moons do not have their own light. They reflect the sun light falling on them and appear shining. The size of the moon of the earth is one fourth of the size of the earth. The diameter of the moon is 3480 Km. The mass of the moon is one eighth of the mass of the earth, i.e., 7.35 × 1022 kg.  The distance of the moon from the earth’s surface is 3.8 × 105 km. The surface of the moon is hard and loose soil, craters, mountainous. There is no atmosphere on the moon. The temperature of the moon at the daytime is 110°C and at the nighttime is -150°C.

Conclusion of moon distance from the earth:

Moon completes one revolution around the earth in 27.3 days. As the temperature is too high and too low on the moon, the survival of life is not possible. The conditions of the survival of life are moderate temperature, existence of water, oxygen rich atmosphere and the presence of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen elements and the main important thing is protective layer, which can protect the moon groom the ultra violet radiations of the sun. All these conditions are not full fill on the surface of the moon so the life cannot exist on the moon.

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