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4 Simple Machines

Introduction to Simple Machines:

A simple machine is nothing but a kind of mechanical device which is used to change either the direction of the applied force or the magnitude of the given force. Generally the simple machines are defined in the simple way as the simplest mechanisms which are used to get the mechanical advantage, which is also called the leverage of the applied force in the specific and simpler manner. A simple machine uses the applied force for the work which is being done by the simple machine and the work is done against the single load force. If one ignores the losses that occur due to the friction then the work done by the applied force is equal to the work done on the given load. The simple machines can be used in order to increase the amount of the output force which is done at the cost of the decrease in the distance covered or moved by the load and this decrease is proportional to the increase in the output force.

Types of Simple Machines:

Usually there are six classical simple machines which are given below:


Wheel and axle


Inclined plane



4 Simple Machines

Pulley: The pulley is a simple machine used for the easy holding of the heavy weights. A pulley consists of the grooved wheels and the rope which is used to raise or lower or move any load.

Lever: A lever is nothing but a piece of the wood or the stiff bar of wood which is at rest on a support and the support is called the fulcrum and hence on that support it is used to lift or move the loads.

Wedge: A wedge is the object which has at least one side which is slanting and the same is ending in a sharp edge and this sharp edge is used to cut the materials apart.

Wheel & Axle: A wheel which is there with a rod which is called the axle and the compound system made the simple machine wheel and axle and in this simple machine the load is lifted or moved through the center of the machine.

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