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Universe Infinite Finite

Introduction to universe infinite finite:

Before the study of this topic, the first question arises that what is universe. The space in which the galaxies, black holes, solar systems, suns, moons and millions of others celestial bodies is called universe. Ancient philosophers believed that earth is the centre of the universe, around which everything else in the universe revolved. They even thought that the earth to be flat in shape. To understand the creation of the universe, we had to first learn a lot about the earth and the solar system, galaxies and so on. Here we discuss how the universe is expanding. I like to share this Electromagnetic Pulse Effects with you all through my article.

Modern theories on Universe

There are several modern theories about the beginning of the universe and its future. Now the scientists think that the big bang theory offers the best explanation about the universe. This theory was proposed when the scientists concluded that the universe is expanding. In 1920, Professor Edwin Hubble observed that the frequency of light coming from far off galaxies decreased, i.e., the frequency of the light coming from the far off galaxies showed a red shift. Professor Edwin Hubble studied these red shifts carefully and concluded as follows:

All galaxies are moving away from each other.
The speed with which any two galaxies move away from each other is directly proportional to the distance between them. This is called the Hubble’s law. The larger the distance between two galaxies, faster they move away from each other.
In other words, from the observed red shift, the frequency of light coming from the far off galaxies, Professor Edwin Hubble concluded that the universe is expanding. Thus, the universe is infinite in size.

Conclusion on universe whether it is infinite or finite

The future of the universe is totally depending on the mass of the universe. If the mass is large enough, gravitational attraction will slow down the expansion and eventually stop it. After that, the galaxies will move towards each other due to the gravitational force between them. They will merge in the one lump of the super dense material. Again, a big bang will take place and a new universe will be created. Therefore, we will have an oscillating universe.

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