Wednesday, March 27

Electricity Generation From Water


Electricity can be generated from water in two methods; one is the method where we use the potential energy of the water in dams using the water wheels. The other source of energy is capturing the energy from the ocean waves. The energy generated by the water is a renewable energy, as we know that water is present abundantly in the nature and there is no consumption of water during the generation of electricity from the water. Most of the countries rely on this method that is production of electricity using water because it is a renewable energy resources and gives sustainable energy.  The energy generated by the water is termed as the hydro electricity.

Sources of electricity generation

Dams: In this case whenever a dam is built at the beginning itself the tunnels are built where the water flows and these tunnels are lined with turbines. As we let out the water to flow through these tunnels the water flows over the turbines which are lined along the tunnels.As a result these turbines rotate,and thus electricity is generated.

Ocean waves: The electricity generated from the ocean is known as ocean wave power because this energy is generated by the oceanic waves. This is the process where the tidal energy is used to generate the electricity, whenever there is a high tide on the sea shore or the oceans there is lot of energy in these waves which is converted into electricity by running of the turbines. The water from the tides is stored and then this water is left over the turbines which in turn produce the electricity.

Run of the river: This is process where the natural elevations on the rivers are made use to produce the electricity. In this case the water is made to fall on the turbines which are placed at the bottom of the elevation of the river, it can be a natural or a man made elevation on the river. Here also the turbine are used to produce the electricity.

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