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Teach High School Physics

Introduction to teach high school physics:
High school is the stage when the student is in tenth standard. When the student is in tenth standard, it is the first time when the student is giving the boards examination first time. Therefore, this stage is very important regarding the studies. Let us discuss that what are the important and marks scoring topics in the physics so that the student gain the very good marks.

Teaching of high school physics

Let us discuss the important topics of the physics at the high school standard which are marks scoring. The very first important and the interesting topic is optics. It is the branch of physics in which we deals about the reflection, refraction, dispersion of light. This is the geometrical optics, which we study in the high school. As we see our image in the mirror it is the example of reflection. As we see the coin inside the water it is the example of refraction. As the light passes from the prism it splits in the seven colors, it is the example of dispersion. Microscopes, telescopes, human eye and the defects of the vision also study in the high school physics. The second main topics are the electricity. In the electricity we deals with the current, resistance, ohm’s law, resistivity, temperature dependence of the resistance, series and the parallel combination of the resistances. The amount of the electric energy consumed, power loss are the topics, which are read in the high school physics. The main part of the electricity is electromagnetism and the electromagnetic induction, in which we study about the principle and working of the generator, we study about the Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, Lenz’s law, right hand rule, left hand rule and the screw rule. After that, we have to study about the sources of energy and the universe and solar system. These last topics are very easy as compared to the early ones. Having problem with The Shorter the Wavelength of Visible Light the keep reading my upcoming posts, i will try to help you.

Conclusion for teaching high school physics

Here from the above discussion we can conclude that the topics, which are read in the high school, are the base of the intermediate standard. So it is advised to study the high school physics with the great interest and in detail so there is no difficulty in the further studies.

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