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Home Electric Power

Introduction to Electric Power:

Electricity or electric power is generated at place far away from where it is to be consumed. The electric power is transmitted over long distances at high voltage which is gradually reduced by using step down transformers to 230 V, at which it is supplied to our household. Before, the power lines are connected to the electric meter which records the units of electric power consumed, a fuse is connected. This is known as company fuse. I like to share this Basic Kinematic Equations with you all through my article.

The wires coming out of the meter are connected to a main switch. When the main switch is on, then only the house receives power. After the main switch another fuse is provided, known as the consumer’s fuse. The main switch is a double pole switch. It has iron covering. The iron covering is earthed. The switch and the meter are locally earthed. From the meter the connections are taken to the distribution board.

Elecrical power system types

There are two types of wiring system

1. The tree system

In this system, the connections are taken from the distribution board to different parts of the house, each connection resembling a branch of a tree. Each connection is taken through a fuse F. It should be noted that different connections are taken in parallel, so that when the fuse in one part blows off, the remaining parts are unaffected.

2. The ring system

The ring system consists of a ring circuit starting from the main fuse box, which contains a fuse of 30 amperes. For each appliance a separate connection starts from the live part of the ring and ends on the ring. Since the power rating of each appliance is known therefore, connecting wires of proper current capacity can be used for each appliance. This makes it less expensive. Each appliance is connected with separate fuse, so that one fuse blows off the other appliances in the same room continue to work.


To avoid this shock from the appliance, appliance is earthed. That is, we connect the metal case of the body to the earth which is zero potential. Besides the live and neutral wires, a third known as the earth wire is also provided.

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