Thursday, December 6

Properties of Internal Energy

It means any potential and kinetic energy present into body or in any substance at a particular temperature it may be different but temp always same and it cannot be seen because it is a microscopic activity we cannot measure it at macroscopic level. According to first law of thermodynamics when any chemical reaction takes place in two substances at the time of mixture any vibration, motion and rotation creates activity and change the surrounding of chemical reaction defines Internal Energy Formula. Sometimes, we heat the substance and also that time vibration in substance cause of heat called internal energy. So the first Law of  thermodynamics says internal energy increase is always equals to heat plus work done by surrounding. Engy of any forms is different like energy at liquid form of substance same as energy of gas are also change, when conversion of gas into any other form or any change takes place after reaction and also changes take place in molecules and atoms so this creates combustion and this is called Internal Energy of a Gas.

Internal Energy of a System means isolation of something by physical or by imagination. System works according to surrounding environment, every material or gas changes it forms according to system, contact of anything to system called surrounding. Engy transferred from surrounding to environment with the help of system and this happen through the effective system. Chemical reaction of any substance ant their internal combustion, vibration and reaction with the help of system. Internal energy of moving body is also immeasurable because it cannot see its only depend on temperature of external environment and all release and consume energy effect the internal and external environment of body. Understanding Elastic Potential Energy Examples is always challenging for me but thanks to all math help websites to help me out.

Generally Development of body depends upon internal energy because all food for human body effects internal energy of human body and helps to create development because food gives energy and not only food any physical movement of anybody increase or decrease its energy. Change in Internal Energy of a System of all substance are different for example if one gram water at temperature of one degree Celsius and one gram copper same as one degree temp so in that case water have high potential energy than copper and copper have high internal energy than water so every liquid form of substance and solid form of substance have different energy with the different external temperature. So the internal energy of any substance or metal depends on it motion or on environment.

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