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Table of Physical Constant

Introduction to physical constant:

A physical constant is one of the physical quantity which generally has a constant value for all mediums and all changes in the body or object and it is also assumed that the value of the physical constant is universally constant in nature as well as it is universally constant in time. The mathematical constant is different from the physical constant because in mathematics the constant has a fixed value but when we calculate it, then they do not undergoes any physical measurement of any object or system. I like to share this Equation for Average Speed with you all through my article.

Table of values of Physical Constants:

The table of physical constants is nothing but a table which has listed most of the physical constant which are used in study related to physics with their values and the respective units. The table of physical constant may contain the entire physical constant and a few constants depending on the requirements. The physical constants are also used with some of the prefixes. These prefixes must be used when defining the value of the physical constant in the table.

                                         Table showing some physical constants

Conclusion for the physical constants

Thus a table of physical constant can contain not only the constant names but it includes the symbol of physical constant and the value of the physical constant and the unit of the physical constant either it is SI or c.g.s. and last but not the least, the prefixes used with that physical constant. The physical constants can have the dimensions depending on the measurement taken by it and some of the physical constant exists in nature which does not have any dimension. That means, when the physical constant evolves in any system then there is a change that occurs in the system which is described in such a manner that the overall unit of the quantity is null.

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