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The concept of strain and stress was given to describe the elastic materials that undergo dimension changes when exposed to a force. Here we define stress as strength of a material to withstand the force. On the other hand, strain is defined as change in dimension of a material which is subjected to a stress. Depending on the type of force, strain is categorised as tensile strain, compression strain and bulk strain. In case of tensile strain, the material is exposed to a tensile force. This force causes extension of the material by increasing its length. Compression force causes compression of the material.I like to share this Atomic Mass Number with you all through my article.

Equation for strain
Strain is defined as change in dimension of an elastic material due to stress. Hence strain equation is expressed as ratio of dimension of the material before and after force application. Since it is a ratio, it is a dimensionless quantity.

Strain equation
Strain is measured as change in length of the material caused by applied force or stress. It is calculated by using following equation:
here e=strain
??L=change in length of the material after force application
And Lo= Original length of the material before force application.

What is a strain

As we know that most of the materials are made up of elastic particles that experience changes in their dimensions when an external force is applied. Suppose a force is applied on an elastic material, it will undergo change in its dimensions. Here we say that the material is under stress and is experiencing changes in its shape and size due to the applied force. Hence strain is defined as changes in length or dimensions of an elastic material caused by externally applied force.Understanding What is Radioactive Decay is always challenging for me but thanks to all math help websites to help me out.
strain definition
Strain is measurement of change in length of the elastic material caused by an externally applied force. Since it is a ratio of changed to original dimensions, it is a unit less quantity.
Strain stress equation
Let’s suppose that we have an elastic material. If we apply an external force on the material, it will show changes in its shape and size. Here the strength of the material to withstand the force is defined as stress. On the other hand, the changes in dimension of the material, brought about the force, are taken as strain.
Stress equation is given as following:
Strain=changed length/original length.

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