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Frequency of Periodic Motion

Introduction to frequency of Periodic Motion

The number of cycle accomplished for each second. The element used instead of cycles for every second is hertz. The fraction of a period finished for all units travel as of left in the direction of right. Frequency is the reciprocal of time. Such as graph through time, 8 contain frequency 1/8. Specifically,1/8 of a time which mean for every unit travel as of left in the direction of right. I like to share this Frequency and Wavelength Formula with you all through my article.

Frequency Periodic Motion
Periodic Motion

Motion that is repeats itself identically more and more. For example, alternation of a pendulum. But the motions exist to model with a sinusoid; it is called uncomplicated harmonic motion.

Periodic Function

Functions which contain a graph to repeat itself identically in excess of which it follows as of left in the direction of right. Properly, a function f be cyclic but the present exists a number p such that f(x + p) = f(x) for every x.

Period of Periodic Motion

This occasion is required for an absolute cycle. Such as, pendulum which moves in a periodic motion. Period be the occasion to use for the pendulum that moves backward and forward as of one side in the direction of left to right and right to left when it reverses again.

Pendulum Exhibits Periodic Motion

Pendulum consider of a weight hanging on a scheduled rod, wire. While the weight is enthused also allow go away, the pendulum determination move backward and forward back also onwards within a usual cyclic motion. The change of gravity lying on the move up and down consequences within the intervallic motion with its length determines the rate of its swing. Pendulums enclose been use in clocks used for hundreds of days, since the motion is thus normal. Please express your views of this topic coulomb's law problems by commenting on blog.


Periodic Motion

Motion to repeat itself within equivalent interval of instant be called Periodic Motion. The motion of a vibrate body as of individual excessive end in the direction of the further excessive point also reverse near the first excessive point be call vibration.

For instance the movement of the move up and down of effortless Pendulum as of A in the direction of B also reverse as of B in the direction of A through point "O" is call one Vibration.

Time period

Time necessary near absolute single vibration be call Time Period of vibrate body. The time period is represented by “T".


Number of vibrations execute through a vibrating body within single second be called its frequency.The frequency id denoted by f.

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