Thursday, November 22

Concept of Induction Heating System

Induction heating has unique characteristics of radio frequency, that portion of the electromagnetic
spectrum below infrared and microwave energy. Induction Heating System was discovered by Michael
Faraday by using electromagnetism. Since heat is transfer in form of electromagnetic waves, the object
never comes into contact with any flame directly, the inductor itself does not get warm, and there is
no product distortion. Induction Heating System becomes very repeatable and controllable. When an
alternating electrical current applying to primary coil transformer, a magnetic field is induced. If the
secondary coil of transformer is located within magnetic field, an electric current will be produced.
Induction Heating Systems used in new manufacturing circuit with accuracy, persistency and high
speed. In the process of Electromagnetism heat loss occurs, this loss of heat is transferred in the form
of production. The loss is converted in the form of unusable heating production, it is called Induction
Heating.I like to share this Define Electromagnetic Induction with you all through my article.

According to Lenz’s law explanation when a bar magnet moves toward solenoid from north pole then
the magnetic field lines move from south to north pole and the induced current moves from left to right
in the coil. When a bar magnet moves away from solenoid then direction of induced current changes.
Similarly if a bar magnet placed from South Pole towards solenoid then direction of induced current will
be right to left and magnetic lines move from north to South Pole.

Lorentz Force Law is the electric force apply on a charge particle is parallel to the local electric field. The
magnetic force is perpendicular to both the local magnetic field and the direction of particle’s motion.
The Lorentz force equation ir related to electromagnetism and Maxwell equation. Electric field and
magnetic field are related to each other and it’s superimpose effect is Definition of Electromagnetism.
When electric current applied on iron core wound with a conductor, the strength of electromagnet
depend on applying current. The current can easily start and stopped as required for functioning to form
an electromagnet.Understanding Magnetic Moment of an Electron is always challenging for me but thanks to all math help websites to help me out.

According to Biot Savart Law, Biot describes the magnetic field effect on electric current, how magnetic
field induced electric current. The law is consistent for both Ampere’s law and Gauss’ law and also valid
for magneto static approximation. Biot Savart Law Examples are based on electromagnetism; they
are used to define direction of current, magnetic field and electric field. It used for finding direction of
current and magnetic field and also finding length and accuracy.

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