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The Relationship between Electricity and Magnetism

The Relationship between Electricity and Magnetism

Electricity is related to both electrons and protons both carry a charge. Electrons carry positive charge
and protons carry positive charge. Protons concentrated in a small area called nucleus and placed in
the centre of atom. The motion of electrons is outside of nucleus in orbital. So, the moving of electrons
is response of Electricity. When an object is placed in magnetic field called magnet, it is due to motion
of electrically charged particles. Magnet has two poles called North poles and South poles. Two
magnets of same poles are repel each other while magnets of different poles are attracted each other.
Magnetism is a force of attraction or repulsion that acts at a distance. Electromagnetism definition is
correlated with electricity and magnetism each other.I like to share this Electric Flux Units with you all through my article.

According to Dutch physicist Hendricks Anton Lorentz, Lorentz force law is the electric current applied
on a charged particle is parallel to the local electric field. The magnetic force, however, is perpendicular
to both the local magnetic field and the particle’s direction of motion. According to lenzs law, when an
electric force applied on a conductor then due to current it induced electromotive force. Lenz found a
way of direction of electromotive force and current of electromagnetic field. The direction of current
induced in magnetic field is opposite to direction of magnetic flux changes. The formula of Lenz law
shows negative sign to opposition of magnetic flux from the electric current.

I have recently faced lot of problem while learning 0th Law of Thermodynamics, But thank to online resources of math which helped me to learn myself easily on net.

What is the Relationship between Electricity and Magnetism

Electromagnetism is also known to be as a Relationship between Electricity and Magnetism. Electricity
is produces due to magnetic effect and magnetism produces due to electric effect. When an electric
field is constant would never produce magnetism. Similarly when a magnetic field has constant value,
is doesn’t produce electric field. In our daily life we use many appliances based on electromagnetism
like television, computer etc. When an electric current is carried by a circular wire then magnetic field
produced will be same as magnetic field of bar magnet with their poles. When a magnetic field is linear
then circular electric field produces. When the electric current is carried in a straight wire then magnetic
field produces in a circular manner. Electricity and Magnetism equations are used to solve problems
related to daily life. Dr. Robert Becker was regarded as most well renowned scientist whose work
involved in the healthful and harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body.

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