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Electricity and Magnetism

How Induction Heating Works

For this a high frequency source is connected to the induction coil which generates high frequency
current in the coil. This in turn generates high and frequently varying magnetic field inside the induction
coil. The changing magnetic field induces a current in the targeted conductor. As a result of this large
amount of current passes through the target and it is known as eddy current. High frequency current
causes the skin effect which causes the AC to pass into a thin layer. Because of this effect resistance of
the target gets increased and leads to heating of target material through induction. During this process
induction coil does not get heated.Having problem with Wavelength to Frequency Equation keep reading my upcoming posts, i will try to help you.

Gravity Electromagnetism

Electromagnetism and gravity are two different forces in nature. Electromagnetism concerns with the
forces between electrically charged particles. Gravity is the attraction force between all bodies having
mass. Gravity is always attractive but electromagnetic force can be attractive or repulsive.

lenz's law equation

This is given as: V=- N

V is the induced emf due to change in flux φ.

N is number of turns of wire. The minus sign tells which way the induced current flows, based on the law
that magnetic field due to the induced current opposes the change in the flux that produced it.Please express your views of this topic Examples of Doppler Effect by commenting on blog.

Laws of Electromagnetism

Biot-Savart law: magnetic field generated due to a current carrying conductor of infinitely small
length dl is:
dB=(μo I dl sinθ) / 4πr2
Ampere's law: current generates magnetic field and its equation is given as:
∑B.dl=μo I

Force law: force on a charge q moving in a magnetic field B with velocity v is:

F =q)

Faraday's law: voltage induced in a circuit by change in magnetic flux is:

Induction Heating Coils

These coils are used in induction heating process to generate alternating magnetic field. Induction
heating coils are connected to a source of high frequency electricity which could produce high
Alternating Current through the coil. Induction coils are used to heat target material and induction coils

Biot Savart Law Derivation

Consider a small current carrying element of length dL with current I. Let r be the position vector of a
point P from the current element dL and θ be the angle between dL and r.

As per this law, the magnetic field dB induced at a point P due to current element depends on following


Combining these we get


dB=K Idl sinθ/r2


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