Thursday, April 4

Planet With Largest Moon

Introduction to planet with largest moon:

A solid heavenly body that revolves around the planet is called its natural satellite or its moon. For example, moon is the natural satellite of the earth because it revolves around the earth. Moons do not have their own light. They reflect the sunlight falling on them and therefore, appear shining. Except Mercury and Venus, all planets have their own  moons. In general, moons are much smaller than the planets. We can see the earth’s moon by unaided eye. The other moons of other planets were discovered after the invention of astronomical telescope and a large number of moons were discovered only after the spacecraft flew past them. The different moons have different features; some of them are earth’s like moon having large number of craters. Some of the asteroids have moon also. The asteroid IDA has also a moon. The planet Saturn has largest moon named as Titan.

Largest moon with planet:

Saturn is the second largest planet of our solar system. Saturn is known as the Jovian planet, because its structure is like Jupiter. Voyager explore the Saturn in 1980 – 81. Saturn is the sixth planet of our solar system. Saturn is the only planet whose rings are visible form the earth’s based optical instruments. The rings of the Saturn are formed by particles of ice and dust revolving around the planet. The particles in the ring having size in nanometers to meters.

Characteristics of the Planet with largest moon:

The density of the Saturn is less than the density of water. The atmosphere of Saturn mainly contains hydrogen, helium and methane. Saturn has 62 moons at present. Out of 62 moons, 53 are well named. Titan is the largest moon of the Saturn. The atmosphere of Titan is nitrogen rich as like earth in early years. Saturn is flat at poles so that it rotates very fast on its axis. Saturn takes 10 hours 39 minutes to rotate on its own axis and 29.5 earth’s year to revolve around the sun. The wind blows at very high speed on Saturn. The size of Titan is more than the size of planet Mercury.

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