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Average Speed

Average Speed

When a body moves, sometimes it accelerates and other time it decelerates due to the traffic congestion on the road, so the speed of the body is not constant over the whole journey and keeps on changing with respect to several factors.
If we need to calculate the speed for the entire journey it is calculated by finding the total distance travelled and the time taken to travel it. This is known as the average speed of the body for the journey it has travelled.

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Average Speed Formula

The formula for finding the avg speed is;
Saverage = (total distance travelled / total time taken);
where, total distance travelled is equal to the distance between the source and destination of the body and the total time is the time taken to move between the source and destination by the body.

Formula for Average Speed
The formula of avg speed is as follows;
Saverage = (DTotal / TTotal);
DTotal = Total distance travelled the body;
TTotal = Total time taken in travelling the distance DTotal by the body.

Average Speed Definition

The avg speed is defined as the average of the speed of the body over the total distance travelled by it. The body might be travelling at different speed over the portion of the total distance but it maintains the avg speed for the entire journey as constant. The avg speed can be obtained by dividing the distance travelled by the object by the time taken to the distance.
Average is helpful in identifying the speed of the body when it is travelling at different speeds for the different portions of journey. It is used to calculate the speed of the object in varying traffic conditions.

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What is Average Speed

To understand the average let us take an example. A truck is climbing the hill at the speed of 15 km/hr for 1 hour and then it started to slow down as the hill is steeper and travels at 5 km/hr. After 2 hours the truck started to climb down the hill at the speed of 25 km/hr for 1 hour to completely come to the plain.
In this journey as we see the truck is moving at different speed at different time and hence it is difficult to identify the speed of the truck but if divide the total distance travelled by it with the total time it took to travel the total distance then what we obtain is the avg speed.
In this example the avg speed is
Avg speed = 50 / 4 = 12.5 km/hr.

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