Tuesday, July 6

What is Physics?

The nature around us is colourful and diverse. It contains phenomena of large varieties. The winds, the sands, the waters, the planets, the rainbow, heating of objects on rubbing, the function of human body, the energy coming from the sun and the nucleus...... there are large number of objects and events taking place around us.

Physics is the study of nature and its laws. We expect that all these different events in nature take place according to some basic laws and revealing these laws of nature from the observed events is Physics. Physics is concerned with the basic rules which are applicable to all domains of life. Thats is why physics is known as real since it is the study of nature. No one has been given the authority to frame the rules of physics. We only discover the rules that are operating in nature. Some of the great physicists are Aryabhat, Newton, Einstein and Feynman.

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