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Wednesday, March 13

Used Laser Cutting Machine

Introduction to used laser cutting machines:

First we will discuss about LASER. LASER means the Light Amplification by Stimulated Radiation and Emission. The laser beams are highly energetic and highly coherent. There are different types of laser machines, which produces laser beams such as ruby laser, helium neon laser. There are different stages of  lasers. For example, ruby laser is the three stage laser and Helium neon is a four stage laser. Let us discuss about the used laser cutting machines. Please express your views of this topic Emp Bomb Effects by commenting on blog.

Use of laser cutting machines

The laser machines cut the materials by vaporizing the material at that particular place. The laser beam is focussed on the path of the size of thick human hair. In other words we can say that the laser beams be focussed on 0.005 inch and leaving vapours and ash to exhaust. We can cut the steel sheet in a desired shape by the use of laser cutting machines.

The laser beams can cut the diamond with the very fine cut. The cutting of the diamond in the fine mode is possible due to the laser cutting machines.

Factors relating to laser cutting machines

There are some factors in the laser cutting machines. The main factors are power of the laser beams, laser focusing, speed of cut, thickness of the material which is to be cut, etc. The power of the laser cutting machine is the main factor of the machine. If the power is more, then we cut deep inside the surface and more quicker. The laser cutting machine is of 50 Watt power. We can use the power ranging between 1% to 100%. Laser machine has more power as they starts up. So we have to keep warming the laser machines. The lasers have the working area of 12 inches by 24 inches. Is this topic Physics Projectile Motion Problems hard for you? Watch out for my coming posts.

Modes of cutting through a laser

The laser cutting machine has two modes of the cutting, one is called the vector mode and the other is called the raster mode. The mode which is used for designing in the cutting is called the vector mode. Rastering mode is used for the engraving purposes. The laser head of the laser cutting machines moves back and forth to cut a picture.

Conclusion for the laser cutting machines

Laser beam should be perfectly focused before use on any material. Generally the lens of the laser cutting machines has two inches focusing length. The lenses may be shorter or longer. Longer the lenses, lesser is the accuracy. It is used to cut the wood, paper, fibre glass, diamonds, etc.