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Sunday, June 9

3 Ways to Conserve Energy

Introduction to 3 ways to conserve energy:
It is necessary to conserve coal and petroleum resources of the earth by reducing their consumption so that they may last for as long as possible. Coal is used mainly to produce electricity. So, if we can save electricity, then the consumption of coal will be automatically reduced.

Conserving energy:

The petroleum products kerosene and LPG are used for cooking food, and petrol and diesel are used as fuel in motor vehicles, so if we can save on kerosene. LPG, petrol and diesel, then the consumption of petroleum will also get reduce.

Three steps to Conserve energy:

Some of the steps which can be taken to conserve energy resources are as follows:

Switch off the lights, fans television and other electrical appliances when not needed. This will save a lot of electricity. Use energy efficient electrical appliances to save electricity. This can be done by using Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Fluorescent tube lights instead of traditional filament-type electric bulbs because CFL and tube-lights consume much less electric energy as compared to filament-type electric bulbs for producing the same amount of light. Use stairs to climb at least up to three floors of a building instead of taking a lift. This will save electricity.Having problem with Elastic Potential Energy Formula keep reading my upcoming posts, i will try to help you.

Pressure cookers should be used for cooking food to save fuels like kerosene and LPG. Good quality stoves should be used to burn fuels like kerosene and cooking gas so as to obtain maximum heat. Solar cookers should be used to cook food wherever possible.

The use of bio gas as domestic fuel should be encouraged in rural areas. Bicycles should be used for covering short distances to save precious fuel like petrol. Public transport system in cities should be improved so that people do not commute in their personal vehicle. This will save a lot of petrol and diesel. Fuel efficient engines of motor vehicles should be designed to reduce the consumption of petrol and diesel.

Friday, May 24

Different Ways to Conserve Energy

Introduction to different ways of conserving energy:

When energy is saved, the demand for fossil fuels as oil, coal and natural gas is reduced. Less use of fossil fuels means less pollution, lower emissions of carbon dioxide and less global warming.Below is a house that uses various renewable energy and acts as an example for various ways to conserve energy.

Ways of conserving energy

Plant large, shady trees and paint a dark color to a house in a cold climate or a light color to a house in a warm climate. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and give out oxygen.

Do not leave house hold appliances like Air Conditioner, computer, television, radio etc. on while you are out or when not needed.

Do not cool or warm areas that people are not in and close doors and windows in unused rooms.

Replace light bulbs with energy saving fluorescent bulbs.

Air dishes and clothes whenever possible.

Set lower temperature for the thermostat in the water heater, refrigerator and other heating or cooling devices to reduce electricity consumption. This cuts off the current supply sooner than; this is more efficient than using very hot water and then mixing it with cold water before for use.

Use solar water heaters.

Clean air filters regularly in the air conditioners. Free passage of air doesn't stress the device and thus reduce current.

Insulate doors, roofs and windows to reduce leakage of hot or cool air.

Use dishwasher and clothes washer at full capacity to as multiple usage increases electricity consumption.

Whenever possible get a walk, use mass transit or car pool than using your car daily. This reduces fuel consumption.

Use energy efficient appliances- with energy star label; though expensive, they use less current and reduce pollution and over a period of time save money.

Recycle and reuse whenever possible. Avoid packaged products and go for recyclable ones as they reduce pollution.

ways of conserving energy

Conclusion to different ways to conserve energy

From the discussion on conserving energy, we conclude that besides conserving energy, think of ways to use alternative sources of energy like, solar power, wind power, human powered mechanical energy etc.