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Thursday, June 6

Future of Solar Power

Introduction to the Future of Solar Power:

We can define solar energy as the limitless and as well as the clean source of energy from the sun.

The future of our solar power or energy  depends on several factors. The various factors are discussed below:

The future of solar power depends primarily on one of the factor that is its cost of production. As the  renewable energy that is  coal and other fossil fuels are much cheaper when compared with the solar power production.

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But the scientists are predicting grid parity. It is the point where the cost of the solar power will be equivalent to the cost of the renewable based energy. Grid parity has been achieved already that is California which produces approximately 45 kWh by using commercial solar panel rooftop systems. We can also develop grid parity for residential places to get power from the solar system as the renewable energies are getting depleted. But we will have to wait to use the solar power till the cost of solar power gets dropped or cheaper or cost effective than the renewable resources which we are using now.

As it is not cheaper or due to some technical limitations the use of solar energy is difficult now. But it will surely replace other power resources which we are using now in future by using giant solar collectors in space which can be used by grid.

Most of the small devices such as the mobiles we are using the solar power to recharge it. The price of the solar power will get reduced when all the peoples will start to use the solar power in our home and all places. Solar cars which we are using are environment friendly as it do not make the environment worst.

Global warming problems can be reduced when we will use the solar power in all the places and will make the environment cleaner.

Problem facing the future of solar power

The first problem which we are facing in the future of solar power is the the large space required to construct or build the solar power plants which will comprised of solar panels to store the energy which can be used by the grid. The construction of the new buildings with the solar panels fitted on top of the roofs so that the solar power can be easily used by the people.

It is not economical to produce such a large amount of power from sun.

The solar energy cannot be used directly from the sun.

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How to produce solar power

The solar energy is converted into electrical energy by the photo voltaic cells which can be used for domestic requirements. The electrical energy produced from the sun during the daytime is stored in the battery which can be used in the form of direct current. The inverter is used to convert DC supply to AC supply of 110V to power all the domestic lighting's and appliances.

As the solar energy is available directly from the sun freely, we do not have to bear any costs of the fuel to produce electricity from solar power and the maintenance cost of this very less almost zero.

The another problem which we are facing is that PV cells can generate only small amount of electricity and to increase this amount of power we have to use large layers of silicon slices in cells.