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Friday, May 24

Energy From The Sun Is Called

Introduction on energy from the sun is called:

The energy from sun is called Solar Energy. In fact, the best form of energy available to us is “SOLAR ENERGY”. The sun is the source of all energy. The sun provides us heat and light energy free of cost. The energy obtained from the sun is called solar energy. The nuclear fusion reactions taking place inside the sun keep on liberating enormous amounts of heat and light energy. This heat and light energy is radiated by the sun in all directions in the form of solar energy. The sun has been radiating an enormous amount of energy at the present rate for nearly 5 billions years and will continue radiating energy at that rate for nearly 5 billion years more. Since, the sin is very far away only a small fraction of the solar energy radiated by the sun reaches the outer layer of the earth’s atmosphere. A little less than half of the atmosphere actually reaches the surface of earth. The rest of solar energy is reflected back into space by the atmosphere and also absorbed by the atmosphere as it comes down through it towards the surface of the earth.

Advantages of solar energy

The best form of energy,solar energy which reaches the earth is absorbed by land and water-bodies as well as by plants. The solar energy trapped by land and water-bodies causes many phenomena in nature like winds, storms, rain, snowfall and sea-waves. The plants utilize solar energy to prepare food by the process of photosynthesis. The various sources of energy derive their energy from the sun, the best source of energy.

1. Non-renewable sources of energy, fossil fuels also derive their energy from sun. It is solar energy, which is converted into petroleum and oil.

2. Solar energy does not cause any pollution as compared to non-renewable sources of energy.

3. The solar energy is best form of energy because it is available in a diffused form so it is available to almost everyone on the earth.

Conclusion to solar energy

Finally ,the best source of energy, that is , solar energy is clean. It is a clean alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear power and it will never run out. It’s silent. Solar power can be captured anywhere without creating noise pollution that might otherwise up set neighbours and wildlife. It works wherever the sun shines. It doesn’t matter how remote, solar can generate energy where no other form of power can be obtained. Thus, no danger of damaging our already damaged environment further and you can be part of the Green initiative, lower your carbon footprint, and save our planet from harmful greenhouse gases.

Wednesday, April 24

Uses of Solar Energy

Introduction to solar energy

Sun is the primary source of heat and light, all living things need sunlight for it's survival, we are getting various forms solar radiations like UV radiations, gamma radiations,infraded radiations etc, solar energy can be used as various other forms of energy,so, we can use solar energy as alternative sources of energies.In 21st century, obviously we should depend upon alternative sources of energy,because some sources of energy are  limited in nature, so it is known non-renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels,by considering these situations, we should depend upon renewable sources of energy like solar energy.

Solar energy  be used to run vehicles, in solar lights,in solar traffic signals, in solar water heaters, in solar cookers,plants prepare food by the process of photosynthesis using solar energy etc.

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Applications of solar energy

Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters are really boon to the mankind, which conserves other sources of energy and it is eco friendly, in solar water heater it has solar panels consisting of photovoltaic cells,semi conductors, which are made out of silicon chips. these silicon chips absorb solar energy and help in heating up the water, there is an arrangement of inlet and outlet for water. water has to pass through in these set up of solar water heater.

Solar heating system composed of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank, interconnecting pipes and a fluid system to move the heat from the collector to the tank, so in this process heating up the water by using direct sunlight, no electricity is required.

we can use this solar water heating system for various purposes like under floor heating, heating swimming pools, energy input for space heating or cooling, storing solar energy for future like for winter season by storing solar heat in the ground.

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Solar vehicles

Solar energy can be used to run vehicles like solar bicycle, solar cars, solar autos etc, these vehicles proved and it may replace our existing needs to run vehicles ,basically a solar vehicle is a electrically powered by solar energy. the photovoltaic cells absorb solar energy, then which converted to electrical energy.