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Thursday, August 16

Different Sources Of Energy

Different Sources Of Energy

In our daily lives, we use energy for doing work, which is taken from various sources. For instance, we use energy to lift a box or use an electrical energy to light a lamp, etc. The different form of energies like muscular energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, heat energy, kinetic energy, etc. comes from various sources. A good source of energy would be one which would do a large amount of work per unit volume or mass, easily accessible , easy to store and transport, and economical.

There are two forms of energy, renewable and non -renewable energy.

A non-renewable resource cannot be produced,regenerated, or reused . These are limited.
A renewable resource can be produced and reused.

In ancient times, wood was the most common source of heat energy, while energy of flowing water and blowing wind was used for various purposes. The need for energy was high, as we entered into the industrialization era. This led us to find new forms of energy for the betterment of all life forms over the world. The growing demand of energy was met by the fossil fuels-coal and petroleum. These are formed from millions of years ago and it is limited. These fuels which are non-renewable sources of energy should be saved and conserved. These fossil fuels are burnt every day in power stations to heat water and to generate electricity. Here the process of converting heat energy  into electrical energy takes place.

The Various other Sources of Energy

The various renewable sources of energy are the following:-

1.Solar energy

2. Wind energy


4. Tidal energy

5.Geothermal energy

6.Hydrothermal energy

Hydro Power Plants:-

            The Kinetic energy of flowing water or the potential energy of the water at a height is converted into electrical energy in the Hydro-power plants. This energy is used for various purposes and it is economical. Dams are constructed for these purposes.


   In recent times the cow-dung cakes are used as a fuel to replace the use of wood which leads to the cutting of trees. Since these fuels are from plants and animals they are called as bio-mass.

Wind Energy:-

The Kinetic energy of the wind can be used to do work. This energy is used in the windmills to do some work like, to lift water from well and in water lifting pump. Now this energy is used to generate electricity. This energy is renewable and economical.

Non-Conventional sources of energy

 The technology growth has increased our demand for energy which has led us to invent new forms of sources.

Solar Energy:-

Solar power is an important energy sources of the earth.  All the living power directly or indirectly derive the energy from the solar system that is from the sun.  Solar power is continuous in some part of the world except for the nights.  That means the sunlight is continuous in all part of the year.  The solar energy can be converted into electric energy and heat energy.  Most of the fossil fuels are spend in the developing countries for heating purpose. By using solar energy the pollution can be controlled and the fossil fuel can be saved to other useful thing.

Technology is need to use the solar power to convert into fuel and to be stored.  New type of Batteries are to be invented for storing large amount of energy.

Energy from the sea

Tidal Energy:-
The level of water in the sea rises and falls due to the gravitational pull. These high and low tides give us tidal energy which is harnessed by constructing a dam across the sea. This tidal energy is converted into electrical energy.

Wave energy:-
The kinetic energy by huge waves is used to generate electricity. Technology has led us to invent new devices for this purpose.

Geo Thermal energy

The geological changes have led to the formation of few hot springs. The steam from the spring is trapped and is used to generate electricity. New Zealand and United States of America  are known for this Geo thermal energy.

Nuclear Energy

The process of nuclear fission is used to produce steam and further to generate electricity. The nucleus of a heavy atom is bombarded with low energy neutrons for producing this form of energy.

 We have been gifted by various forms of energies. Exploiting any source of energy disturbs the environment. The non-Renewable energy should be saved and conserved for the welfare of all the life forms on Earth.