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Tuesday, May 21

What is Wind Power Energy

Introduction on what is wind power energy:

Wind energy is more upgrading energy. It was less known to people in ancient times, sailor used wind energy to sail boat then it was used for much more purpose. Wind energy was converted into mechanical energy and that lead many applications. The most beneficial was used in generation of electrical energy mostly in hilly areas. This led to generation of high power of energy and was transmitted using cables.

Wind Power Systems

The wind turbines play a vital role in conversion of wind energy into mechanical energy and thus help in generating electrical energy. Wind turbines are attached with blades and ensured it can withstand high velocity of wind, as wind hits the blades it rotates which in turn rotated the motor of the generator and helps in generating electricity. This electricity is transmitted usually using wires to towers and mostly as three phase alternating current. The rotational speed of turbine cannot be predicted and so do the voltage and frequency varies and it may not be at constant times. Most hilly stations are located with turbines especially with three blades with capacity to up hold the high velocities of wind and produce electricity.

The output is rectified to direct current (DC) to charge batteries or to be inverted for grid connection.

Wind turbines can be classified into two groups: vertical-axis design and the horizontal-axis variety. A horizontal-axis wind turbine normally has two or three blades. These three-bladed are operated with blades facing the wind.

Wind Turbine

One can see wind turbines situated in almost all hill stations and its rotation depends  on the speed of wind. As winds velocity increases so the acceleration of blades increase and rotates at a high rotational speed. The rotation is not constant even during rain the turbines rotate at better speed and which activated the generator at the time and is transferred using wire cables. The main advantage is that it doesn’t produce any waste or effect the environment in either ways. Sometimes a drastic increase in the wind will increase the turbine speed numerously and thus the energy consumption. In hilly station this is the main source of energy and comparatively installing a small turbine is cost effective.