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Thursday, June 6

What is Microwave Technology

Introduction microwave technology:

The microwaves is a part of electromagnetic spectrum. Microwaves are the electromagnetic waves of frequency range 300 MHz to 300 GHz. They are produced by special vacuum tubes such as klystrons, magnetrons and Gunn diodes. There are several uses of the micro waves in the daily life. Let us discuss about the technology of the micro waves. Microwaves is used in the communication system. It is essential for carrying out all weather operations safely,used in military air crafts and for the telephonic communication.

Micro-wave Technology

The basic principle of working of the microwave is to create micro wave radiation of suitable frequency in the working space.This radiation may match the resonant frequency of rotation of water molecules which is about 3 GHz. In this situation, the energy from the waves is transferred efficiently to the kinetic energy of molecules. The microwave of this frequency is of energy equivalent to heating up water molecules. When microwaves of this particular frequency fall on food item containing water like fruits, vegetables, meat, cereals etc the water molecules absorb these radiations. Their energy increases. These molecules share their energy with neighboring food molecules. In this situation energy the Micro-wave is transferred efficiently to the kinetic energy of molecules.

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Uses of Micro-waves

The microwaves which are used in oven, we use the porcelain container containing food for cooking remains unaffected and cool where as only the food items get heated. It is so because the large molecules of porcelain container vibrate and rotate with much smaller frequency then that of microwave and thus absorb Micro-waves. Micro waves are also used in RADAR systems so that it can detect the air craft’s and other flying objects.  The very first microwave oven has a weight of about 750 pounds or more than it. The height of this microwave is more than 5 feet and came in the market in 1947. After 1960 the microwave oven is used in the domestic sectors. It reduces the time to cook the food.