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Thursday, June 6

Geothermal Alternative Energy

Introduction on geothermal alternative energy:

The earth from within is very hot. The heat inside the earth, under favorable conditions can be utilized as the source of energy. This energy is called Geothermal Energy. As Geo means Earth and Thermal means heat. Thus Geo-thermal energy can be defined as “the heat energy from hot rocks present inside the earth”.

Origin of geothermal alternative energy:

We know that deeper regions of earth’s crust are very, very hot. In these regions, the rocks melt to form magma. Geological changes in some regions of the earth push up magma upward. This magma is very hot and collects at some depth below the surface of the earth. The places under the surface of earth, where the hot magma collects at fairly less depths, are called hot spots of the earth. These hot spots are sources of geothermal energy.

Harnessing of geothermal alternative energy:

1. In some geological regions of the earth, the underground water comes in contact with hot spots and change into steam. The steam gets trapped in between the underground rocks and gets compressed to high pressure. This steam coming up at high pressure is used to run turbine connected to the generator. This produces electricity.

2. In some places, the steam does not get trapped. Instead it forces its way up through the cracks in the rocks along with hot water and gushes out from the surface of the earth to form Natural geysers.

3. In some geological places, there may be hot spots, but the underground water does not come in contact with them. In such regions, two holes are made in the earth crust. Through one hole is pumped in cold water. The cold water on coming in contact with hot spot changes to super heated steam, which emerges out from the other hole. The steam is then made to run a turbine coupled with generator to produce electricity.