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Saturday, November 3

Alternating Current Motors

Introduction to Alternating Current Motors:

The electric motor which works under the alternating supply of current is named as the alternating current motor. As the name suggest this motor is driven only by the alternating current and if one give a direct current to the motor then the motor does not work or may get damaged. The alternating current motor consists of two major but the basic parts as, the stator which is generally fixed outside and is stationary but there exists some motor which have the stator fixed within it and the second part is rotor, which is connected both inside and outside the motor. The outside rotor is used to increase the inertia and the cooling of the motor. The outside stator has the coils to which the alternating current is supplied to produce a rotating magnetic field in the coil. The inside rotor is attached to the output shaft of the motor which gives a torque due to the rotating magnetic field. The alternating current motor of a ceiling fan is shown in the fig.1.

                                                   Fig.1 Alternating current motor of ceiling fan

Types of Alternating Current Motors

Without considering the eddy current motors, while going through the alternating current motors, alternating current motors are broadly has two types:

Synchronous motors:  These alternating current motors are the simplest kind of the alternating current motors. They rotate at a frequency which is either exactly same as the supply frequency or is a multiple of the supply frequency. In these motors the magnetic field which is generated on the rotor is either due to the current which is delivered through the slip rings or due to a permanent magnet.
Induction motors: These alternating current motors are also the simple alternating current motors but they rotate at a frequency slightly less than the supply frequency. Thus these motors run slowly. In these motors, the magnetic field which is generated on the rotor is only due to the induced current inside the coil of the motor.

Conclusion on Alternating Current Motors

From the discussion we made on alternating current motors, we conclude the importance of alternating currents and its varied application in day to day life.